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Welcome to The Holborn.
The Holborn is a group of writers who share a common appreciation for quality. We are always on a continual search for the best in design, apparel and craft, scouring the nation high and low for those hard working bartenders, tailors, food-stall holders, entrepreneurs and eccentrics who go the extra mile to earn their keep.
We believe firmly in quality not luxury. The enjoyment of well made quality goods enhances life and should be celebrated and such a life should not have to cost the earth and can be enjoyed by all.
So it is then that we invite you to come in, put your feet up and relax.

We publish a bi-annual magazine featuring exclusive features and the best of the website. We work with some amazing illustrators and photographers to create a quality magazine to celebrate a well-made life. Visit our Online Store to buy issues, subscriptions and other exclusive Holborn niceties.

The Holborn was founded by two friends who met over several beers whilst studying ‘proper subjects’ at Royal Holloway College, University of London. These friends are (in no particular order)…

Morgan Hamilton-Griffin – Editor-in-Chief


Co-founder/editor, business manager & contributor co-ordinator with a knowledge of alcohol not healthy for a man of his age. When not in the pub/bar, Morgan can be found indulging his other loves of architecture, print media and Graham Greene novels. Morgan is a Londoner born and raised whose passion for the world of drink & food is in his blood, coming from a line of East-End publicans, but was honed working as a Bar Manager in a fine West Country establishment.

Now safely back living in the confines of Hackney he works as a PA for a fine chap, while filling the remaining hours of the week as a freelance writer.  Standing commissions are on the Style Council of Mensphere & a regular contributor for Heal’s blog ‘Heal’s Reveals’. He dreams of life as a publican who jots off dark but inspiring novels when not behind the bar. His favourite aspect of The Holborn is the ability to bring to life the stories of those who dare to be different.

Drink of Choice: Tom Collins

Joshua Murray-Nevill  


Co-founder/editor, wanderer and admirer of stuff. Josh is very much the visual eyes of the operation, scouting for designs, brands and events that live up to his own, rather unique standards. When Josh started writing a previous blog (that nobody – except Morgan and several Japanese textile merchants seemed to read) little did he know what he was letting himself in for.

Josh developed a love of quality and craft after working in a high end fashion (where he encountered very little of it) and would frequently turn up for work in more durable second hand clothing, much to the annoyance of his superiors.  Josh works in Social Media by day, having previously worked in finance at the heart of the city (following brief stint larking about at The Natural History Museum).
‘His favourite aspect of The Holborn is its ability to give a voice to those that take the time to make things in the right way (so he can buy it). He is forever drawn to line drawings, Northampton shoes, archaic pubs, and blue eyes. He can usually be found lurking somewhere in Bloomsbury.

Drink of Choice: The French 75

Julia Hamilton-Griffin – 
Creative Director & Events


An Architect by day and a design enthusiast by night. Julia set up an Architecture practice at the tender age of 23 but left it all behind to pursue her love for fashion and store design. Another adoptive East Londoner on the team her regular Editorial ‘research’ include trawling the area’s cocktail bars, taverns, street food stalls and design markets. Also a keen lover of fashion design Julia has worked to incorporate this into her Architectural work with her Fabritecture project. As well as offering a keen designer eye to the Editorial Team she also oversees the Holborn Events schedule and jointly ran The Holborn’s pop-up shop ‘The Holborn Workshop’ with, Editor-in-Chief and husband, Morgan.

Drink of Choice: Basil Martini

Verity Inett – 
The Workshop Editor

Editor of The Workshop, and with no obvious artistic talent of her own, Verity puts her jealousy of natural creatives to good use by interviewing them. Focusing in particular on contemporary designer-makers who shun the 9-5 and support themselves with their hand-made business, Verity runs the blog Meet the Makers ( as an excuse to ask lots of nosy questions. Additionally, she guest edits the agency Designers/Makers blog (, where she chats with their makers too. All in all, lots of chatting with amazing people!

With a background in fashion PR and diamonds (for real), she’s also quite the traveller and is currently residing in Vietnam. An unhealthy addiction to fancy magazines, foods beginning with ‘C’ (cheese, chocolate, crisps) and love for pets in costume sum up the fundamentals of Verity’s character. She’s very excited to be meeting and sharing stories of fantastic craftspeople for The Holborn.

Drink of choice: G&T please.

Ben Aitken – 
The Library Editor

Born under Thatcher; grew to six-foot then stopped; Aquarius.

Drink of choice: the second-cheapest bottle of wine.