In our Magazine Rack we celebrate the best of indepedent magazines and Port Magazine certainly fits into that category. A long standing favourite, we at The Holborn have been reading their work since their launch five years ago. So we were excited when we got the chance to sit down with Dan Crowe, Port’s Editor to find out more….

How did Port Magazine begin? 

A few friends and I thought that magazines had lost something important and had become predictable. We thought that they were all about the bottom line on the one hand, and who was in the latest Hollywood film on the other.

What does the magazine seek to achieve? What’s the story your seeking to tell? 

To surprise and delight our readers. To offer truly great writing and photography alongside compelling stories, including great, informative men’s style. Our story is the story of others making great things: buildings, books, clothes, cars, science, food, etc. Anything that has the ring of quality or poetry about it; it’s about people doing brave work.


Why print? 

Why not? People still love print. With print, you have to work hard at getting it right, as there is no going back. Print is interesting. Not so much commercially, but still…

The magazine has a terrific production quality. Tell us about the decisions around production and design. 

If you are going to make a print object, a magazine, then make it good to hold…or smell, even. There can be as much craft in making a magazine as there is in making a table. If you are serious about it, that aspect should be embraced.


How has the design and content evolved over the years to its current incarnation? 

To be honest, not much! If I hear something from a photographer along the lines of ‘I want to go and shoot a bunch of nuns who are also ninja masters, can I do it?’ the answer has always been ‘let’s do it and send a writer too!’ It was like that from day one.

Where do you and your team take your inspiration from? Do you have any office favourites amongst other publications? 

We don’t look at other magazines. We talk to people, watch movies and look at history, much like everyone else. 


Tell us about the current issue. What are the highlights?

We are doing something we have never done for our 5th anniversary issue, a new cover concept, which we are really excited about. We are shooting all over the world and I’m pleased to say it’s probably our best issue yet, with the biggest print run we have ever had. 

The issue has some stunning photography. Can you tell us what is like finding and working with such talented photographers?

Working with great photographers is an inspiration, they are so hardworking and often fearless. These days photographers are bloody everywhere, but the good ones are worth finding…


What do we have to look forward to in future issues?

PORT celebrating its 5th birthday for the rest of the year!